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      DAM – MONT Industrija d.o.o.
      Bulevar Oslobođenja 127, I sprat, br. 5
      21102 Novi Sad
      Republic of Serbia
      Mail address:
      s. Dvorište, 35215 Stenjevac, Serbia
      Manufacturing location:
      s. Dvorište, 35215 Stenjevac, Serbia
      Tel: +381-35-8633-211
      Tel: +381-11-6571-421
      Contact person: Predrag Maksimović

    • History

    • "Dam - Mont" is a Serbian manufacturer of machines and equipment for the energetic, mining and process industry.

      The company Dam-Mont doo was founded on July 07th, 1990 at Dvoriste near Despotovac. In 1992 Mr. Damljanovic registered a company under the same name in Münster, Germany, whose main activity is installation works and delivery of materials and components.

      In 1996 Dam-Mont doo began the production and delivery of different types of light and heavy steel structures mainly for the German market, which later became one of the main turnover generating activities. Within the period from 1996 to 2002, over 14 thousand tonnes of different types of steel structures were produced and delivered for the German market.

      In 2004 the company successfully implemented three new product lines:

      • Manufacturing of machines and maintenance services for the mining industry
      • Manufacturing of machine assemblies for the metallurgical industry
      • Manufacturing of agricultural transport trailers


      Company location in Dvorište, near Despotovac
      Company location in Dvorište, near Despotovac
      In 2007 Dam-Mont acquired Lola, Belgrade which consists of two main business units, foundry and manufacturing of process equipment and machinery.

      The main activity is manufacturing of machines and steel structures. The company has established itself in the production of equipment and machines for the energetic, mining and process industry.

      The range of products and production capacities has been considerably broadened with the acquisition of the Lola production facilities in Belgrade. The company has extended its activities internationally through its sister company in Germany.

      The average number of employees in the last two years:

      • Production and administration - 90 employees
      • Assembly inland - 30 employees