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      DAM – MONT Industrija d.o.o.
      Bulevar Oslobođenja 127, I sprat, br. 5
      21102 Novi Sad
      Republic of Serbia
      Mail address:
      s. Dvorište, 35215 Stenjevac, Serbia
      Manufacturing location:
      s. Dvorište, 35215 Stenjevac, Serbia
      Tel: +381-35-8633-211
      Tel: +381-11-6571-421
      Contact person: Predrag Maksimović

    • Location

    • Dam-Mont doo, s. Dvoriste, Serbia, 35215 Stenjevac

      Dam-Mont is located in the village Dvoriste, near Despotovac, about 130 km from the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade.

      The company location is well connected to the traffic, it is 30 km away from the highway (Corridor 10).